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How to block instagram user who blocked you already?

In the social network Instagram for a long time (approximately from 2017) there is an unpleasant "bug": if someone user has blocked you, then you to block it can not! Those. user who blocked you, disappears from everywhere: from likes, from marks on a photo, even from messages Direct! So, such rules of Instagram. However, the working method to block user on Instagram who blocked already you is. If you carefully follow all the steps below, the user will be blocked.

Step one. First you have to make sure that you are accessing this page from the Google Chrome browser (we guarantee the normal work of the method only in this browser). If you are using another browser, do not be discouraged, because It is possible that Google Chrome is installed on your device, look for it. This is a very popular browser. If it is not installed, install it.

Step two. So, you have come to this page from the Google Chrome browser. Now you need to make sure that you have Javascript enabled. Usually it is enabled by default, but sometimes users accidentally turn it off. Click on this link to check if Javascript is enabled. If nothing happens or the page reloads, go to your browser settings and enable Javascript.

Step three. Open a new tab here, in Google Chrome, go to the Instagram homepage and enter there is a login and password for your profile. The result should be the appearance in front of your eyes of your feed posts of users which you are follower. Do not close this tab, it will still be needed.

Step four. Entering the login of user which you want to block.

Insert here link to profile in Instagram, which you want to block

Example: https://www.instagram.com/any_username12345/