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How to block instagram user who blocked you already?

In the social network Instagram for a long time (approximately from 2017) there is an unpleasant "bug": if someone user has blocked you, then you to block it can not! Those. user who blocked you, disappears from everywhere: from likes, from marks on a photo, even from messages Direct! So, such rules of Instagram. However, the working method to block user on Instagram who blocked already you is. If you carefully follow all the steps below, the user will be blocked.

Step one. So, let's say you are "Tom Tomson", and you need to block "Peter Peterson" (he has already blocked you). To do this, you need to create another page on Instagram, then I will call it "Garry Garryson". The page can be completely empty, without photos, without avatar. The point is not in its fullness, it is used purely "technically". The main thing is that "Peter Peterson" does not know about her and she was not in his blocked. Next, you need to make sure that you have entered this page from a device where there is a lot of free RAM (RAM). To do this, you need to open 2 new tabs, and go to them in your profile "Garry Garryson" on Instagram, i.e. open a page there https://instagram.com Then, try opening these tabs one by one, and see if the page is reloading? If it restarts, you don't have enough free memory, you need to close all open applications and check again.

Step two. Now you need to go to the "Peter Peterson" page in one of the open tabs, and in the second tab you need to log out of Garry Garryson's profile and log in under Tom Tomson's profile.

Step three. After that, you need to open the tab where the page of your enemy, Peter Peterson, is open and block it, i.e. click the three horizontal dots next to the login and select "Block" in the pop-up window. That's it, after that the user will be blocked.