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How to block instagram user who blocked you already?

In the social network Instagram for a long time (approximately from 2017) there is an unpleasant "bug": if someone user has blocked you, then you to block it can not! Those. user who blocked you, disappears from everywhere: from likes, from marks on a photo, even from messages Direct! So, such rules of Instagram. However, the working method to block user on Instagram who blocked already you is, you just need to enter a link to the profile of the user who has blocked you, and your login and password. Before entering a password, please make sure that you are not at a public Internet access point, otherwise your password can be stolen!

Insert here link to profile in Instagram, which you want to block

Example: https://www.instagram.com/any_username12345/

Insert here your login in Instagram

Example: divaeva.regina

Password from your profile Instagram: