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Download YouTube videos, subtitles and annotations. Formats: mp4, 3gp, FLV, WebM and HD, 3D

From time to time, many users have experienced a problem: how to download videos from YouTube? For example, to save it in an album, or for any other purpose. Programmers creates software, scripts, bookmarklets to download from YouTube. But sometimes, YouTube team radically changes the method of creating links for videos. As a result, all written software to download videos from Youtube, stop working. Nevertheless, our site team tries to quickly release new versions of the free Windows-oriented desktop software 'Zasasa YouTube downloader'. It allows you to download videos from YouTube in the formats of FLV, 3gp, MP4, WebM in HD quality. Also, use the 'Zasasa YouTube downloader' to download YouTube videos in 3D and download YouTube videos subtitles and annotations.

At the moment 'Zasasa YouTube downloader' (Version 5.4, release date: March 4, 2014) supports the following formats downloading videos from YouTube (number indicates the height of the image in pixels):

1. FLV 240 pixels
2. FLV 360 pixels
3. FLV 480 pixels
4. MP4 360 pixels
5. MP4 720 pixels (HD)
6. MP4 1280 pixels (Full HD)
7. MP4 360 pixels (3D)
8. MP4 480 pixels (3D)
9. MP4 720 pixels (3D)
10. MP4 1080 pixels (3D)
11. MP4 4K (video, where height is more 1080 pixels)
12. WebM 360 pixels
13. WebM 480 pixels
14. WebM 720 pixels (HD)
15. WebM 1080 pixels (Full HD)
16. WebM 360 pixels (3D)
17. WebM 480 pixels (3D)
18. WebM 720 pixels (3D)
19. 3GP 144 pixels, codec: DIVX
20. 3GP 240 pixels, codec: DIVX

But you must bear in mind that not all videos on YouTube is loaded with high quality (HD and Full HD). For some movies download options can be only 2-3.

Download Zasasa YouTube Downloader 5.4 free