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   July, 6 2013 22:35 Saturday

Zasasa YouTube downloader 5.3: fixed downloading VEVO-videos and annotations

Dear friends! Today on our site is posted a new version free software for OS Windows - Zasasa YouTube downloader.

The main changes in Zasasa YouTube downloader 5.3:

1. Fixed problem with downloading from YouTube videos, marked watermark VEVO. Remind, this problem is appeared recently for users. When playing the video in the player is not stored in the cache, because the "default" YouTube takes the video stream in the new format MPEG-DASH. However, with the help of some tricks you can still download the "normal MP4, FLV, WebM and 3GP files.

2. Once again, the opportunity became to download annotations to movies, to which the authors have made them. Disabling annotations occurred because of changes on YouTube (it was renamed the variable that stores information about the file containing the text of the annotations).

Remind, Zasasa YouTube downloader requires no installation, and is just a single file that can be run from any carrier, for example, with a "flash".

Download the new version Zasasa YouTube downloader


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