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   September, 17 2013 21:21 Tuesday

Download videos from Instagram and save photos from Instagram on desktop easily!

Dear friends! Zasasa.com is pleased to announce that from yesterday on our site easily and simply, online, you can download videos from Instagram, and not only video.

As is known, Instagram is, first of all - photo hosting, there are millions of photos. However, in 2013, there appeared video support: users can upload their accounts small video clips.

And, following the latest changes on this popular resource, we have decided to introduce download videos from Instagram online. Moreover, our service allows you to download (save) and photo with Instagram on the computer, because the standard tools of the browser to do this now, neither the Chrome, nor Opera, nor Mozilla Firefox, nor in Internet Explorer.

You can also download the video embedded from Instagram in a social network VK (vk.com).

So, to download videos from Instagram, save the photo from Instagram on the desktop


User comments:

Author: LittleBit

When I use zasasa.com for downloading a photo from Instagram,
only a reduced resolution picture is downloaded.

Demo/Example: Instagram user: mathildegoehler
I will be doing it with 2 different tools.

1) When using Zasasa
at http://zasasa.com/en/download_instagram_videos_or_photos.php
the result is:
which is medium resolution 640x640 picture.

2) However... When using http://www.dinsta.com/
the result is
which is a 1080x1080 hires picture.

So why is zasasa providing a reduced resolution photo ?
Comment added: 18.11.2015 20:29

Author: Admin zasasa.com

LittleBit! Probably, this bug has timely characher. Right now all work fine (downloadind 1080 pix).
Comment added: 20.11.2015 21:34

Author: bruno

: Instagram asks for a security check of your login into your account. If you normally surf into your account from the app on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, you need now to go into it and you'll see a message on Instagram window that someone sign in to your account. You must confirm that it was you are, and not the hacker, for example. if you go in Instagram via web browser, then you need to go to the this page and confirm that now came in, you, not the hacker. After that click on your browser button 'Update' to download stories from the profile of jennifer ruiz diaz . If the message appears again after clicking on 'Update', then the Instagram for your account has turned on a hard link to the IP address, and unfortunately our service will not be able to help you download Stories from closed profiles. Error code 454544.2
because I can not download private profile instagram stories when I enter my password and my user at zasasa.com/en/download_instagram_stories.php
Comment added: 12.01.2018 01:27

Author: Admin zasasa.com

bruno, Instagram for some accounts carries out a policy of additional protection against hacking, and does not allow entering them from other IP addresses. We can not change anything in this situation.
Comment added: 12.01.2018 07:51

Author: svoi

Hello. Today stopped working Instagram Story Downloader - Error code 568. Yesterday was all ok.
Comment added: 12.02.2018 17:36

Author: Admin zasasa.com

svoi, thank you for note. This bug was fixed.
Comment added: 13.02.2018 18:55

Author: ghazikhan2705

Hello. Yesterday I used Zasasa on PC to download Instagram stories and highlights. I had downloaded stories but I could not download highlights. Could you please help me out. And where is update button on browser in PC? I cannot find it. Thanks.
Comment added: 11.06.2018 00:10

Author: Admin zasasa.com

ghazikhan2705, you wanted to download Highlights from the closed profile? If yes, then this functional works only in 2 method (with authorization on our site, that is not always possible). We are working on adding the ability to download highlights in the first method, most likely, it will be possible in a week or two weeks.
Comment added: 11.06.2018 10:03

Author: bruno

when you can download the private profile stories again on the page
Comment added: 24.07.2018 01:23

Author: Admin zasasa.com

bruno, you can download stories now. What error is showed you? You are download one profile or many?
Comment added: 25.07.2018 07:55

Author: bruno

you can only download stories from public profiles, from private profiles you can not see a message that says technical update
Comment added: 26.07.2018 03:53

Author: Admin zasasa.com

bruno, probably, your session is out of date. Click "Log out" link on page for download stories and log in again. Later, please, write about result this action.
Comment added: 28.07.2018 10:12

Author: Vicky

Why I cannot view the old story highlight of the private ig account although im following that person. I can only see the recent stories. Is there a way how to view it and please how?
Comment added: 02.10.2018 02:20

Author: Admin zasasa.com

Vicky, yes, at now, old story highlights of the private ig account may to download by method 2 only (auth. on our site. This method work unstable). Next week we will add the ability to download old stories using method1 1.
Comment added: 04.10.2018 18:06

Author: jrc

because there are problems to enter with wifi connection to the page to download private stories
Comment added: 12.10.2018 18:19

Author: Admin zasasa.com

jrc, what?
Comment added: 13.10.2018 09:58

Author: Becky


I forgot my email that I used for my account and I was wondering if you can help me regain it since they require me to give security code after trying to access your site.
Comment added: 07.11.2018 08:00

Author: Admin zasasa.com

Becky, you need to write in Instagram's support.
Comment added: 07.11.2018 08:04

Author: Becky

I tried talking to them but they are unable to help.
Comment added: 07.11.2018 08:08

Author: Admin zasasa.com

Becky, Instagram support CAN to help you. You need to tell them that your profile has been hacked, and, most likely, hackers have changed your mail. Support will ask you to send a photo with a passport in hand:
Comment added: 08.11.2018 07:27

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